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 About Jen

Born in Paris, Jen Azoulay is a creative director and a fashion influencer with over 15 years of experience. She started her career at Elle Magazine at a young age. Moved to Los Angeles and worked as a stylist, designer and creative director. Push forward 5 years, she is back in Paris and working for Dior in Visual merchandising for over 6 years.

Striving to reach new goals, she moved back to L.A. and started her blog Jen Wonders in 2016. The blog and her Instagram account @jen_wonders quickly became her full-time occupation, alongside her career as a creative director for multiple brands.

From her passion for Vintage, an idea was born. Finding the best vintage pieces and redesigning them. Adorning them, making each piece one of a kind. Founding a brand that will satisfy her need to encourage sustainability and individuality.